Functional Fine Chemicals




o      Inorganic UV filter (ZnO and TiO2):  for Sun Protection products and Cosmetics


Nano grade Zinc Oxide (30 ~ 50nm);

         High Transparency with High UVA UVB protection

         Current supply for Transparent sun-screen lotion

         Available in powder or as 50% dispersion



o      Photo-catalytic Titanium Dioxide


         Deodorizers (household odors: aldehyde, ammonia, mercaptan)

         Soil resistance (nicotine, soot, dirt marks, grease, water stains)

         Bacteria and mold prevention

         Air pollution control (NOx, SOx)

         Road screens, road construction materials, noise-insulating road walls, general construction materials

         Water treatment  (chlorine-base organic matters, glues, dyes); Industrial & household waste water


o      Cross linking Agents (Resin):  for Aqueous Paint, Ink, Coats, Adhesive


         Water soluble resin, made by modifying the polymer with hydrophilic segments

         High reactivity of carbodiimide group makes possible to cross link with various resin, providing your desired properties

         Applications: Crosslinker for Aqueous paint, Ink, Adhesives, fiber treating agents, water born resins (acryl emulsion, urethane emulsion)

                           Anti-hydrolysis stabilizer for water borne polyester resin, Additives for surface treating agents of glass

         Performance: Water Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Anti-hydrolysis Stability, Adhesion, Heat Resistance



o     Reactive UV Stabilizer: Copolymerizes efficiently with monomers e.g. methacrylic, styrenic and acrylonitrile monomers.


         Provides permanent replacement of Benzotriazole in the polymer

         Advantages: Permanence of the stabilizer in the resin / Compatibility in high loadings, / Environmental acceptability / Expanded technology options to design new UV polymer screens with unique properties


o      Corrosion Inhibitor / Anti-corrosive Pigment / Heat-Corrosion Resistant materials


         T series:  Heat & Corrosion Resistant and Insulating coating.

         W series: Non-toxic white corrosion-inhibiting pigment based on Aluminum Tri-phosphate.


o      Functional Nano grade materials


         Cerium oxide solution (inorganic ultraviolet absorbent)

         Stannic oxide solution (anti-static material)

         Metal oxide solution: Titanium, Cerium, Stannic, Niobium, Yttrium, Neodymium, Lanthanum oxide sol



o      Non-Halogen Flame Retardant


Non-Halogen Phosphoric Acid Ester;

         Trimethyl phosphate: Flame retardant for thermosetting resins e.g. rigid polyurethane foam and unsaturated polyester.

         Triethyl phosphate: Flame retardant (similar as above)

         Triphenyl phosphate: Flame retardant for PVC, cellulosics, synthetic, rubber, phenolics and PPO.

                                                Non-Halogen Phosphoric Acid Polyester;

         Aromatic Polyphosphate; Excellent hydrolytic and heat resistant capabilities.

         Flame retardant for the engineering plastic and synthetic fiber

                                                Halogen Containing Phosphoric Acid Polyesters;

         Suitable for many type of flexible polyurethane foams required flammability standards

         Resistant to ignition from flame sources and low viscosity