Zinc Oxide




o      Inorganic UV filter (Transparent UV protection for Cosmetics)


Nano grade Zinc Oxide (30 ~ 50nm);

         USA/CANADA, Japan, Germany, Australia use ~25% of ZnO (incl. nano grade) in cosmetic products

         High Transparency with High UVA UVB protection

         Current supply for Transparent sun-screen lotion

         World Top quality at competitive price

         Available in powder

         Available as 50% dispersion

         Custom packaging avail.


                                                Non-nano Zinc Oxide (110+ nm);

         EU prefers non-nano grade powder in cosmetic products.

         Moderate transparency with High UV protection

         Available soon


o      Corrosion Inhibitor (Zinc Powder & Zinc Phosphate):


         Anti corrosive paint

         Anti corrosion preparation of pigment

         40+ yrs experience in Zinc production and handling