o       Potassium Titanate Fiber; Reinforcing, Extra super Fine fibers for the future

            After more than a decade since the introduction of  this material, have been constantly expanding their range of applications into new industrial fields, such as automobiles, office automation, information, and environment conservation, all having huge potential for the future.   This is titanium acid potassium fiber shown with K2OĚnTiO2, and has the very minute form of a fiber diameter 0.2~0.6Ám, a fiber head 10~20Ám. This material has high intensity, high rigidity, many advantages of the high-aspect-ratio, and it is used in wide application fields such as reinforcement, friction material for the automobile, precise filter of the plastic metallurgy genus.


                                         Characteristics of Potassium Titanate Fiber;

                                           1) It is a very minute single crystal. It is the size of one/several thousand of the general glass-fiber.

                                           2) They are high intensity, high-rigid material. It has carbon fiber par strength and rigidity.

                                           3) It is optimum for the friction material. The surface hardness is the aluminum par, and it has the excellent friction and   

                                               wear property.


o       Potassium Titanate Compounds; Extremely precise and lubrication-free super compound

               This age is demanding smaller and lighter materials than ever before. This is a compound reinforced with extra super fine potassium titanate fiber. Exploiting the features of the Potasium Titanate Fiber, POTICON is best suited for applications ranging from watch gears which cannot be checked visually to external automobile parts.



o       Flaky Titanate; Friction / Filling Materials for next generation

An average diameter is the flaky form of 4~20Ám

o       Polymer Beads; For Coatings, Cosmetics, etc.


Porous & Hallow Bead  

Vowl Type Bead

Urethane Acryl copolymer 


o       UV curable Polymers(Coating, Adhesives)


Functional UV cured Hard Coating Materials for LCD Window

                                                Flat Panel Display UV cured AR Coating Materials for PET, TAC, PMMA & PC Film Sheets

                                                Adhesives/DVD Bonding UV Adhesives/Excellent Adhesiveness,Robustness, Minimal Yellowing

                                                Optical UV Curable Adhesive and Sealant for OLED, CMOS, LCOS & Voice coil


o       Conductive PP Compound(Master batch)


                        Proven Quality in Japanese market over many years


o       Nano Silver Antimicrobial Powder; General purpose grade & Cosmetic grade


                                              Apacide series : Calcium Phosphate comprising metallic silver

                                              Ag-core series : Silver embedded Silica powder


o       Luminescence Materials; For Coatings, Cosmetics, etc.