Electronic Chemicals




o      Nano sized Barium Titanate & Strontium Titanate:  for Capacitors


            BaTiO3, SrTiO3 ;

         multi-layer ceramic capacitors ( MLCC ), Microelectronic discrete capacitors

         Capacitance laminates for printed wiring board, Embedded capacitance materials, Insulator rings for high power surge arrestors, etc..

         Available in ~100nm, 200nm, 400nm, 800nm


o      Film Capacitors: for EV (Electric Vehicle)


         High temperature capacitors with significantly reduced size and weight

         Significantly reduced size and weight


o      Ceramic & Nano composites:


         High energy capacitors

         specialty parts for high voltage and high frequency applications

         Bacteria and mold

o      Terawave:


         High Frequency Responsive Dielectric compound

         Offers both low & high permittivity at a low dielectric loss by control of dielectric properties

         Extends the coverage from GHz to TeraHz range


o      Transparent Conductive Coating Materials:


            DN series;

         Nano Stannic Oxide sol

         High Transparence and Antistatic film coating

         Excellent Adhesiveness


            DZ series;

         High Refractive Index Material for Low Reflective Fiim

         High Transparence and Low Haze

         Available Roll coating, Knife coating, Dip, Intaglio printing

         UV curable



o      Avanced Conductive Materials with Reinforcement Property:


         Conductive ceramics: DWK series

         This conductive compound is extremely stable in any environment, and will not be affected by annoying static or noise. (WHI series)


o      High Refractive Index Oligomer & Polymer: Adhesives for high RI optics


         Refractive index; 1.7,  Tg ; 55C,  Abbe No.; 36,    Transparency ;  >99%

         Adhesives for high RI optics

o      Electro Luminescence Material;


         Phosphor for CPEL:  ZnS:Cu  & ZnS:Cu,Mn

         Being used in mobile handsets as black and white back light, auto instruments, watched, etc.

         high brightness and uniform particle size. Blue phosphor has higher color purity compared to existing products

o      UV curable Coat & Adhesives:


         UV curable Hard coat for LCD Window

         UV Special Sealing & Coating for Display

         UV Adhesive for Optical & Medical Device


o      Prism coating Polymer & Oligomer; for LCD & BLU


         Prism coating material : LP series

         Refractive Index; 1.7,   Tg = >120C,  Abbe No.: 35

         Excellent Luminance and Transparency


o      Polymer Beads; Porous & Hallow Bead, Bowl type Bead; For reflective film of LCD's BLU, Optical diffuser


            UT series;

         Urethane acryl copolymer (Poly disperse spherical copolymer)

         Improve scratch resistance

         Lower Reflective index

         Compatibility with acryl binder

         More dispersible on film

         Excellent solvent resistance


            LT series;

         Polymer bead (poly disperse spherical large sized acryl copolymer)

         Excellent scratch resistance

         Lower Reflective index 

o      Electronic Ceramics (Piezoelectric);  for censor parts and etc.